East Texas Track Club

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Executive Summary

 In the last past 22 years the East Texas Track Club has provided area youth with the ability to compete on and off the playing field. The Club provides a mentoring through athletics program which encompasses a student's mind and also his body and soul. Through Christian beliefs we are dedicated to ensuring our community's youth a greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their future.

Through our services, Club members will receive state of art training and conditioning, a competitive spirit, access to educational support and mentorship. Our athletes will learn to work together to achieve goals in sportsmanship, education and health that is paramount in leading a successful life and accomplishing life long dreams.

Coaches and Volunteers

Coaches                                                      Specialty                        Contact Info                           

Lenard Henderson                        Developmental Athletes                  903.315.7645

George Willis                                  President/Sprinters                         903.475.2420                                           

Barbara Granberry                       Head Coach                                      903.570.3341                                             

Regina Bagby                                Nutrition/Specialist                        903.452.0820                                               

 Herman Harris                             Asst Head Coach/Sprinter            903.261.6738                                               

Darren Sheppard                           Throwers Coach                             903.736.1734  

Sarah Deller                                  Distance Coach                              903.790.2021

Ira Nelson                                     Distance Coach 

Joyce Williams Brown              Secretary                                          903.452.0253





 ETTC - East Texas Track and Field

Longview, Kilgore, Hallsville, Tatum, Carthage, Chapel Hill, Deberry, Elysian Fields, Overton, Palestine, Whitehouse, Henderson, Tyler

P. O. Box 1015

Longview, Texas 75606


Registration Packet Includes:

USATF Membership Application - $150.00 (per child) Birth Certificate (required)

Registration fee covers insurance and uniform (only)

Athletic Registration Packet (available on web site)



Thank you for your interest in the East Texas Track Club

"We produce local Heroes"


Mission Statement

 " Its not whether you win or lose but how you run your race"


The mission of the East Texas Track Club is to provide each individual with the tools necessary to run  a successful race in life, being fair and honest but yet competitive. Teaching the 3-D's of success; Drive, Dedication and Determination.

The East Texas Track Club is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization who accept tax deductible contributions in the support of our athletes. For Contribution information please contact us at easttexastrackclub@gmail.com

2016 East Texas Track Club Board of Directors

Founder and Director - Lenard Henderson

Board President - George Willis

Board Vice President - Lynn Young

Board Secretary - Joyce Williams Brown 

Board Asst Secretary - Kim Pierson

Board Treasurer -  Regina Bagby

52356Photos by: Tolbert Photography